Born in small freshwater streams, the tough and resourceful Chinook or King Salmon voyages to the vast ocean to live out their lives. Inspired by the courageous journey of these majestic fish, Kingfish Digital knows that seemingly small ideas can be developed into the most rewarding victories.

Whether small or large, every business begins the same way, through boldness and the courage to take risks. We know success isn’t immediate, which is why our process is guided by our Mantra: “Strategize. Optimize. Repeat.” 

Testing is ingrained in our DNA. We ideate and create a strategy based on your business goals with success metrics. Then we execute small tests, move forward with what works, and set aside what doesn’t. We will never be satisfied by the status quo and we don’t think you should be either.

If you choose us as your agency partner, we’ll bring bold ideas and new ways of thinking . We want to be your partner throughout your business’s journey.

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Meet The CEO

Kingfish Digital CEO Sidnee Schaefer

Sidnee Schaefer is the CEO and Founder of Kingfish Digital. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, which inspired her to start Kingfish. Her experience working with startups and Fortune 500 companies spans many industries. When she’s not working, Sidnee is cheering for the Vegas Golden Knights (she never misses a game), playing with her two dogs and two cats or working out. 

She has worked for and with companies like Zappos.com, Toll Brothers, Walmart, Sam's Club, Virgin Hotels, School of Rock, Handled, Klogs and Mathnasium.


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